Shenzhen Zhongqingchuang Technology Co., Ltd.

      Established in 2013, Zhongqing Chuang Technology is an overall solution provider and integrator with "Smart IoT & Digital Communication" as its core. It is committed to "smart communication", "smart office", "smart audio-visual", "smart audio-visual", "smart office" and "smart office". “Smart Life” and other multi-dimensional interactive applications of people, things and the environment are established to improve communication efficiency and promote intelligent life experience. Based on the brand concept of "technology is more than products", it has built an intelligent IoT ecological industry chain of "hardware + software, terminal + content + application + service", and is the world's leading overall solution provider and intelligent intelligent manufacturing platform.


     The Enterprise adheres to the development layout of "intelligent industry + strategic innovation", and has established a system of R&D centers, sales and service centers centered on Shenzhen, covering Shanghai, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and other regions.  Its business network channels are distributed in more than 60 countries and regions at home and abroad.


    Zhongqing Chuang owns more than 100 technical invention patents and software patents. It has passed the "National High-tech Enterprise" certification and 3C, ISO9001 quality management system certification, and was named "China Electronic Information" in 2017. Top 50 Enterprises with Innovation Capability in the Industry".